Content apps hackfest

Last week I attended the Content Apps Hackfest in Madrid. A group of about 12 us met for three days to work on GNOME’s content apps: Documents, Files, Music, Photos and Videos. The goal for the hackfest was to make as much progress with these apps as possible, although we also ended up talking about other apps, due to who was in attendance.

I mostly helped to review the state of some of the apps, and worked on designs for new features. This included helping to work out a roadmap for Photos, working on designs for series grouping and properties pages in Videos and reviewing our plans for Files (as well as discussing various bugs we have there). I also ended up reviewing some design work for Polari and for Web.

In all it was an extremely productive trip. It always amazes me how much quicker and easier it is to work on design face-to-face. The other really nice thing about the event was that it gave application authors the opportunity to get together and work more as a team. This is really motivating, and is something we’d like to promote more in the future.

Madrid was a great location for the hackfest. I’d like to extend a big thank you to Medialab Prado for being excellent hosts: it’s a fantastic facility that does a lot of interesting things.

Finally, I’d like to thank the GNOME Foundation for helping with the cost of attending the event.

3 thoughts on “Content apps hackfest”

  1. one thing that makes me curious about series presentation in Videos. not that i don’t like the design because i really do. it looks damn awesome

    question i’m wondering is how and to what this is applicable. local content? some network service?

    1. Series grouping is primarily for local content – Videos does support browsing network services, but that’s a different UI.

      1. thanks on confirming this.

        just my thought on this. wouldn’t it be better if whole thing was exposed as some search provider API and that local content just one of implementors?

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