Hello, everybody!!!

I’m ready!!! I’ll get married in some minutes!!!

After, Paula and I will go to

Lençóis, a city at the Chapada Diamantina, to get two weeks of honey days (I don’t know how to write “lua-de-mel” in english) on Hotel Canto das Águas.

I hope these days will be very, very, really very good!

I’ll restart my GNOME activities as soon as possible!

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I'm a brazilian guy who loves GNOME!!!

10 thoughts on “Today!!!”

  1. Congratulations, Bruno! Honey days indeed and works just as well as honeymoon. 🙂


  2. congratulations and all the best wishes for you both! have a nice time (and forget about gnome for at least two weeks 😉 )!

  3. Sim… já chegou? C:
    Beijos em Paula.
    AH!!! Estou muito feliz por vocês!
    Obs.: a cerimônia foi emocionante.

  4. @Iara
    Sim. Chegamos segunda às 18:00hs. Já estou trabalhando. 🙂
    Foi tudo maravilhoso!!! Obrigado pela presença e pela força na “padrinhagem”.

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