GSimon is coming!


I’ve worked in a game called gsimon, a Simon clone for GNOME. It’s my first code using Cairo and I hope will be the fist project of many others.

I’ll code some educational software/games and propose to add a “gnome-edu” module in GNOME. GNOME needs educational stuff.

What do you think about it?

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I'm a brazilian guy who loves GNOME!!!

15 thoughts on “GSimon is coming!”

  1. To play Bliken though you need to have installed the base of KDE. With GSimon you don’t need that. Which brings up the question why shouldn’t users have both Gnome and KDE installed? I would say that way leads to software rot. If both Gnome and KDE are competitive then they will both need to be actively developed. Thus the apparent duplication effort is a good thing in the long run.

  2. Sounds great!

    Just make sure you can control it with the keyboard as well as the mouse.

  3. Yes, Edu-Stuff would be really great :)

    Especially some with nice graphics. GNOME really lacks something here.

  4. I would rather use GSimon instead of Blinken.
    ‘Simon’ must be round. Not only because of usability, but because… it’s ROUND.
    All the bells and whistles that Blinken offers could be costumized in GSimon if the user wants it.

  5. Great project, Bruno! I’m in the process of rolling a custom distro (thinking of going with Gnome environment) for kids that would be filled with fun edutainment.

    A few questions:
    * Will there be sound?
    * Are you designing the interface to include keyboard and mouse options? I ask this because a lot of the appeal of the old Simon Says game seemed to be in the mechanical memory of hitting the buttons (keyboard needed).

  6. @ Vincent:
    Yes, Vincent. We need a new creative name. Any idea?

    The intent is to have options to customize everything. Colors, sounds, keyboard and mouse. Maybe not in the initial releases, but it will.

    GSimon (name can be changed) uses vectorial graphics (cairo) and can be played in any window size.

    Thanks for comments!

  7. nicely done and something I’m definetly going to try.
    maybe you can write a gtk-engine. that’s the way I got into cairo ;)

  8. If nothing else, I’m pretty sure MB (or whoever) will still own the legal rights to Simon, and “GSimon” probably infringes those.

    As others have said: looks cool, but pretty unplayable unless you can use the keyboard.

  9. @Murray:

    Yes, Murray, but gcompris is not an oficial module of GNOME. Also, it uses the deprecated GnomeCanvas widget. We want to write some education software to be part of GNOME in future releases.

  10. Hello, Bruno!
    I have found your blog today!
    I like the ideia of “gnome-edu”. As being a teacher, I think that this is a great idea! Count on me to help and support.
    This game is the toy “Genius”, made by Estrela (a brazillian toy factory) late 80s. I had one of these… :-)
    The name Genious start even with “G”… :-) Although I dont know what happens with legal and trademark issues.
    Best regards!

  11. @Carlos:

    Hello, Carlão!
    I’ll have more ideas for GNOME-Edu soon. Who knows we can have some projects for your students. I’ve created the wiki page as a brainstorm to the future. Feel free to tell your students to fill the page with “edu-ideas”. I can support people who wants join GNOME-Edu.


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