Another name for GSimon

The new (temp) name of GSimon is Genius. I’m still checking for legal issues related to this name, but I think is a good name for a Simon clone.

Also, I left the direct drawing on Cairo to use librsvg (which can bring up different themes for the game). I’m not a good artist, so what you think about the default theme?


Comments are very welcome. I need an icon for Genius too.

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I'm a brazilian guy who loves GNOME!!!

36 thoughts on “Another name for GSimon”

  1. There is a gnome application (math calculator) known as Genius. Don’t know whether that is important to you or not. An alternate suggestion would be to make a play on the “Simon” name your application Sarah,Samantha,Roger,Nimos,…

  2. Hi! Did you know that there is a package in Debian/Ubuntu called ‘genius’, a cool console calculator package, and a GTK version called ‘gnome-genius.’ Just thought you might want to know before changing the name. Having the same name won’t stop you from getting packaged: Epiphany appears as ‘epiphany-browser’ due to a conflict with a game; and Git is also conflicting, listed as ‘cogito.’ It would be easier if it wasn’t conflicting though!

  3. >>Can this be our new logo?

    Shame it didn’t drop in time for April Fools ;)

    Looks wonderful!

  4. WOW! That looks amazing!

    Is the svg open source? I would sure like to learn how to make such a figure :)

  5. This looks great, except for one detail: why did you put the GNOME foot logo in the center ? I’ve got nothing against the GNOME logo, but this is Genius, not GNOME.

  6. Thanks for the positive comments about my artistic endowment… :)
    Definitely we need a new name. Suggestions?
    Also, I need open sounds to use on that:

    From wikipedia:

    “Simon’s tones, on the other hand, were designed to always be harmonic, no matter what order they were played in, and consisted of:

    * A (red, upper right);
    * A (green, upper left, an octave higher than the upper right);
    * D (blue, lower right, a perfect fourth higher than the upper right);
    * G (yellow, lower left, a perfect fourth higher than the lower right).”

    @Andrea: How can I render SVG’s using just and only Cairo?

    @Colin, Etrunko, Og, Louise: No source code yet… I’m rewriting the code I’ve not finished. I’ll attach the SVG here.

  7. @Cimi, you can’t render SVGs using Cairo. You can using libsvg (also developed by Carl Worth), but that’s ancient and unmaintained.

    Cairo has a SVG backend, so you can rendering things *to* SVGs if you’d like. But that’s not what Bruno wants to do.

    Besides, you can use librsvg to draw SVGs using Cairo’s drawing primitives.

  8. Why don’t you call it “Bruno” ? It would be a tribute to both the original name and to you, the author of the port.

  9. Some suggestions for a name:

    Memon (Memory and Button)
    Peter (as in repeater)
    Peat or Pete (as in repeat)
    Dover (as in do over)
    Doogan (as in do again)

  10. I agree with Julien Olivier: Bruno!

    The SVG looks great!
    As for an icon, I’d dropp the “Genious” corner and the foot in the middle and just scale it down.

  11. shiny!

    surely the icon for this would be much the same as the game itself? (A circle divided into four coloured parts).

    as for naming I’d be terribly literal and explanatory and suggest “Music Memory” or something but a better name may yet present itself.

  12. Bruno, in 2004 I wrote a clone of the Simon game () and called it ‘Garfunkel’, but I never told anyone. Please, feel free to use that name if you like it.

    Ciao, Christian Sasso

  13. > @Colin, Etrunko, Og, Louise: No source code yet… I’m rewriting the code I’ve not finished. I’ll attach the SVG here.

    There is no link when I hover the mouse over the text…

    Or does attach mean something else, when dealing with blogs?

  14. Where I live, the game was called Fabuloso Fred. How about calling it “Fabuloso”?

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