We’re pregnant!

Hey guys! I have wonderful news! Paula (my wife) is pregnant!

We don’t know if will be male or female, but certainly will love GNOME.

The names we chose:

  • Pedro (if male)
  • Mariana (if female)

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I'm a brazilian guy who loves GNOME!!!

14 thoughts on “We’re pregnant!”

  1. I trust, however, that if your child grows up to use xfce, KDE, or OS X, you’ll love them just as much..

  2. Congratulations!

    I wonder why you both decided on the name Pedro.. that name sounds way overused..?

  3. we’re pregnant??? Isn’t just your wife pregnant……???

    Why do you use the term “we’re pregnant???” It is so confusing to me. Did you watch the Arnold Schwartzenager movie when he was pregant……..but still only 1 person pregnant………please advise

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