My GNOME talk at WSLVC.

My talk at I Workshop de Software Livre de Vitória da Conquista was a success! I was very happy to see many people (students, teachers, community people) interested on Free Software.

Some people asked me: “I didn’t know how easy is to contriubute!!!”. I hope more brazilian contributors get involved on GNOME this year.

Vitória da Conquista can’t wait for the second edition of the Workshop!!!

Let’s go, GNOME!!! Let’s go, Brazil!

I’ll make my first talk about GNOME!

Hello, people!

Next Saturday (03/17) I’ll make my first GNOME talk. It will be at “I Workshop de Software Livre de Vitória da Conquista”, an event to promote Free Software in my city. I’ll talk about “How to contribute with GNOME”. I’m very excited and happy to make some marketing for GNOME. I hope we can get more GNOME contributors in my city with this talk.

Sorry if I made mistakes… my english is not very good :-)

Hello, Planet GNOME!

Hello! My name is Bruno Boaventura, I’m brazilian, I love Paula (my fiancée) and I love GNOME. I’m a student of Computer Science and I joined community in the last year, writing some little patches to Metacity. Thanks for Elijah and Thomas (marnanel), who helped me so much to start; Lucas (lucasr), my brazilian contact at GNOME – he gave me many tips on coding and others things; Guilherme (fatalerror) and Olav (bkor) to set up my CVS (now SVN) account, mail, and blog; and Jeff (jdub) for aggregate my blog to the Planet.

Now, I’m working on GNOME Bugzilla, triaging lots of bugs, writing patches here and there, helping new people to join community, GNOME marketing in my city (Vitória da Conquista) and my University (UESB).

I’m really very motivated to work in GNOME in many areas. I have many time and many love to give to GNOME. If anybody have tasks for me (don’t forget: I’m new in GNOME), feel free to contact me!

Thanks for all!



I’m continuing my work at GNOME Bugzilla, on bug triage. I have many time and motivation to do it.

Recently, Bugsquad receive a mail form Miguel Agüero, a Information Engineer from Venezuela, now living in California. He loves write code and want to contribute with GNOME. I’m helping him with Bugzilla, and I’m very happy: Now, I can help people as I was helped. Welcome, Miguel!!!

Bugsquad will have at front Ubuntu and Fedora releases, which flood bugzilla with new bug reports. Let’s go!!!

More on Bugdays

In a recent mail to bugsquad-list, Andre made the first call for Bugdays. So, all bugsquaders can point out the best dates for these days.

Let’s go, Bugsquad!!! I’ll try to make a list with some interesting bugs to new triaggers.

GNOME Bugdays

In recent talk on IRC with Andre, he said that Bugsquad will set up one or two Bugdays before Ubuntu 7.04 release – it’s the period which GNOME Bugzilla get a food of bug reports. So, I’m preparing me to do a very good work at these days.

And now, I’m very happy to figure as a good GNOME contibutor. Thank you, GNOME people!

Bugzilla, EOG, Paula, Python


In GNOME Bugzilla Statistics 2006 I have been received a great regard from Elijah (you rock!!!).

Recently, I’m keeping work at Bugzilla, and I’m figuring at “top 15 bug closers” list since the begin of 2007. I hope to continue in that way.


Also, I’m now trying to understand EOG’s code (Lucas, Claudio: you rock too!!!). EOG-ng will be “the image viewer”. I want to contribute more after I understand all the code.

I love Paula

A very important note: I will get married at 07/07/2007. Paula and I are very happy and “in love” day after day.


I’m still very impressed how productive is Python. I’m using it at work and house. It’s is so simple and powerful!!!