Everyone is welcome at the Foundation Meeting today

The GNOME Foundation is the formal organisation that brings together artists, coders, designers, every GNOME contributor. It’s goal is to provide GNOME with the necessary means to achieve its mission of delivering software freedom by building an awesome desktop.

Every year the GNOME Foundation gathers its membership on its Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the different teams of the project share their progress and plans. Also, the new Board of Directors —the guys running the Foundation— is welcomed and the old one is thanked for their hard work.

If you care about GNOME you are welcome at the meeting, no matter if you are not a Foundation member.

The Annual General Meeting is today at 4PM in the Fritz-Reuter-Saal, get there through the main entrance and straight ahead upstairs to the 3rd floor.


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GUADEC Hispana in Sevilla

Sevilla is located in the (one of the many actually) oh-boy-is-that-really-the-temperature region of Spain. It has been historically significative for its financial, artistic and cultural value.

But it’s most important role has been that of hosting lots of GNOME activity. The 3rd ever GUADEC was held here, those cool Emergya guys who are working on a11y live here, and the even more awesome Sugus ETSII group —helping with the conference setup and beer availability— who helped organize the GNOME 3 launch party in Sevilla.

Foto de familia de la Guadec-es8

GUADEC Hispana group picture by Ana Rey (from GUADEC_ES8 set)

Not as huge as GUADEC, but certainly as much fun as it, GUADEC Hispana lets the Spanish speaking community get closer together, get bugs fixed and —only as a side effect— get a bit drunk.

A big thank to Ana, Juanje, Víctor, the Sugus team and all the local people that contributed. Also, of course, thanks to our GNOME loving (and loved) companies: Emergya, Igalia and OpenShine. And don’t forget Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática who hosted the event.

Beer time now. See ya at Berlin.

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Yes, I almost forget

I’ll be there since Friday 5th night until Saturday 13th.

I’m stoping at Sevilla for VIII GUADEC-ES, the Kung Fu Edition.

I’m leaving in a few hours, so see you there!

PS: I already packed the ceremonial vuvuzela, I hope we make a tradition of it

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Minimize and Maximize in GNOME3

A couple of things here:

  • Minimize and Maximize are still available and functional in the right-click menu and as shortcuts. Like always.
  • When using GNOME Shell there’s only a Close button on the window, GNOME3’s default.

In one sentence: GNOME3 changed the default layout of window controls. Default being the important word:

  • Can I revert this?
    , if you really want to. You only need to change a key in the configuration system. Just as you have always been able to change GNOME2’s window-controls configuration.

Please give GNOME Shell a try, don’t be afraid of changes. If it’s a bad decision, we’ll notice in time and fix it. It’s not the end of the world. Not yet 🙂

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WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 5

Mario explaining a patch

Yeah, it’s still not over. We are still hard at work here. And we have big news today, let’s start with that:

  • Mario finished his accessibility patches, all of them. This means that after proper review, Orca blocker bugs are gone from WebKitGTK+. He’s the guy in the photo, hug him, he won the internet.
  • Martin gave a presentation about how he uses webkit-patch script, which I missed because I was fighting with Debian. Damn.
  • Xan polished his API for querying information about plugins, this will enable us to have an useful about:plugins.
  • Martin, the same cool guy, worked on much better plugin performance and polished his font fixes.
  • Alex fixed spell checking, I might work on this tomorrow on the Epiphany side.
  • After a long and painful distcheck I committed the nice error pages patch to Epiphany, they do look good now, you almost want errors to happen!
  • Philippe kept spreading his cold and fixed more tests.
  • Sergio is still polishing the cache code to make it rock solid and awesome.

Plus, Mario and Joone have uploaded their photos to flickr, check out their sets:

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WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 400

Today we had a field trip (yey!) around A Coruña. The city is beautiful, but its strong winds are not that beautiful. The latinamerican faction (Gustavo and me) almost chilled to death. Although I think that Dan was in a similar state but survived via zen concentration, or something.

Stuff got done nevertheless:

  • Joone advanced DRT features
  • Martin fixed a really ugly bug where broken fonts were not ignored properly.
  • Dan merged the cache into libsoup. Yes, this means awesomeness.
  • Xan bought kebaps for everyone, he’s full of kindness towards humanity.
  • Sergio helped me find a macbook charger, and complained about his bullet point from yesterday’s update. He thinks I’m chilean, but I decided to forgive him because he taught me how to use a phone.
  • Philippe has fixed even more tests to get fullscreen elements working, and he passed me his flu. Thanks.
  • I finished my patch for nice error pages in Epiphany, should be in tomorrow. I just need Vinicius to tell me the license for his HTML files. Hi Vinicius!

Just so you don’t leave with so few bullet points, here’s Xan commenting about the hackfest:

Xan has something to say about the WebKitGTK+ hackfest from diegoe on Vimeo.

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3rd day of VebKitGTK+ hackfest, live from the cave

Martin finished a task! YEAH! from diegoe on Vimeo.

It was quite cold today, but we managed to heat up the room by building WebKitGTK+ in all our machines at the same time, awesome functionality of the build.

  • The Viewport metatag support is now integrated into WebKitGTK+ master.
  • New font preferences are now in Epiphany master, minimum font size should be fixed too, a lot of introspection warnings are gone and I’m working on custom error pages.
  • Xan finished his API for about:plugins, he’s now waiting for Dan to finish his part of the dance.
  • Sergio (who asked why he’s not in the summaries; to whom I asked were was he when I was asking what everyone did) keeps working on cache fixes, there’s a tricky bug with limiting its size.
  • Mario keeps hitting his head with accessibility work.
  • Gustavo has started refactoring some private stuff and started work to get the web inspector to attach properly.
  • Alex has been basically unbreaking everything that the others are breaking in their commit frenzy. Plus he’s fixing spell checking, yey!
  • Alex and Gustavo gave love to the buildbots, the buildbots hugged back.
  • Gustavo can’t play Street Fighter because zsnes doesn’t work on 64bits.
  • Philippe kicked more media tests into the “passes” bin, this means more stuff is working as expected. YES.
  • Dan worked on integrating the WebKitGTK+ cache into libsoup, so other applications can benefit from it.
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WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 2

Philippe, Xan and Gustavo

Another day of the WebKitGTK+ hackfest, and a couple more stuff done.

  • I finished my work to separate the profile migration code into a different binary, saving epiphany from a linking to NSS. Then Martin explained to Xan and myself how the points, pixels, logical sizes, etc mess works. Our conclusion was that 12 is the answer, points are responsible for lots of problems in society and that Epiphany is getting a new fonts UI.
  • Dan and Benjamin have been working on stress testing gio-tls with the gvfs ftp backend, or so I’ve heard. Also, Dan seems to be preparing libsoup so we can add custom protocols to browsers, that means “about:whatever” can be back.
  • Xan finished his oprofile support on JSC and started to work on a plugins API. The goal is to have an about:plugins page where you can disable individual plugins.
  • Martin has been trying to ease the life of everyone by enabling precompiled headers.
  • Alex and Philippe worked on updating our test runner script to be much faster and more precise, giving our more information about failing tests.
  • Philippe advanced his custom widget to draw “progress ranges” for buffered parts of videos, like youtube does.
  • Mario is still working on a really evil accessibility bug, he’s almost done I’ve heard.
  • Gustavo fixed a complex bug where stuff that shouldn’t disappear was going away on page loads.
  • Joone kept working on viewport support and the cache model
  • Xan and Gustavo lost in Super Smash Bros against me, a lot of times.
  • I lost to Gustavo and Xan in Street Fighter II, a lot of times.
  • Gustavo likes the word “Cave”.

We also discussed a concept for GNOME 3 t-shirts, but we are keeping that one secret.

Finally, after seeing the presentation of Chrome OS and its sandboxes concept, we decided to implement it on Epiphany, so, here it is:

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WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 1

WebKitGTK+ hackfest agenda

Today we started the serious hacking. A lot of interesting topics are being covered:

  • Philippe is working on fullscreen support for HTML5 elements with some help from Benjamin.
  • Xan is working on easing performance analysis of JavaScriptCore.
  • Martin has been playing with WebGL and some early work to improve the build.
  • Alex fixed a leak when using CSS shadows and then spent the afternoon on a really complex graphics problem with a “blackboard moment” with Professor Otte.
  • Joone was working with Gustavo to get the viewport element going.
  • I got rid of gconf on epiphany-extensions, resurrected smart-bookmarks-on-context-menu extension, fixed a crasher on Epiphany, worked on avoiding Epiphany linking to libnss.

But the current lead of the scoreboard is Dan, who completed the first task of the week:

WebKitGTK+ hackfest: first task done. from diegoe on Vimeo.

There’s a strong feeling of “productiveness” and a lot of energy going on. We’ll see lots of progress this week!

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WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 0

WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 0

Today is the bootstrap day for the WebKitGTK+ Hackfest.

Everyone is arriving today and luckily it seems no flights were delayed or cancel because of the spanish controllers strike. No flights except mine :), as I already reported.

Before leaving Lima, I was talking with my fellow Igalian Martin Robinson about how cool the SquirrelFish pet is compared to less badass pets are (cough, Konky).

So, in perfect hackfest mood, I came up with this:

You can join our hackfest mood theming your wanda applet too!. Just download the image and set it on the wanda preferences. It’s 4 frames, and I suggest you to use 1 second per frame.

Update: I found a couple of bugs in the previous png, here are two new ones hopefully fixing issues (choose depending of the height of your panel):


The wanda SquirrelFish™ theme and the current WebKitGTK+ hackfest are kindly sponsored by the GNOME FoundationIgalia and Collabora 🙂

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