In Galicia

No name café

Like a good guest of María Pita‘s town, I made it to Galicia kicking ass and crashing skulls in my way here.

Iberia sent us on a bus from Madrid, we arrived in more or less 6 hours. I’m now at the hotel.

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Annual GNOME soviets meeting

Today I’m presenting some stuff about Epiphany (today @15:45), while the summary can confuse and overwhelm you, it’s actually a simple talk. It’s after Gustavo and Xan’s talk about WebKitGTK+ (“My platform is bigger than yours”, today @14:45) in the Paris room. Check the program anyway.

While you wait for it, you might want to drop by the info desk and buy a nice GNOME Free Agent t-shirt. Good stuff. You should buy one, now.

Please remember that we have a closing session in the Paris room later today around 17:00. We’ll be giving away free ponnies and -only to the first ten- rainbows. Also, you’ll have the chance to see the funny release-team banner. I heard it’s part of Lennart’s revenge.

Down with release team

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So I’m sick. Luckily nothing too bad, just a sore throat with an infection warning.

Last week we held GUADEC-ES in A Coruña, Galicia. It seems I got my virus there, but I’m not blaming anyone. I presented two talks which I think had a positive response from the laughing audience ;). It’s on my attic.

Anyway, so GUADEC core is starting tomorrow and people is already looking for vuntz to blame him of various stuff like network connectivity, weather, etc. Lennart is leading the efforts to chase him down and let the wrath of the masses unleash on him, ping him if interested.

I’m looking forward to sit down with Allan, Reinout, Xan and Gustavo to re-think the Epiphany UI/UX. Now that everyone is breaking everything, well, why not us? The meeting will be scheduled on-the-fly, keep an eye :P.

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A Coruña

I love this place.

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At Campus Party, spreading the word

I left good old Lima yesterday to attend Campus Party Colombia 2010. I’m here with Germán to present a few talks on Free Software and GNOME. Big thanks go to Manuel Cerón for being the immolated soul behind the Free Software track.

Software Libre

Colombia is a really nice place, although a little rainy it is a comfortable weather to walk around and enjoy the city. Bogotá’s altitude is not relevant unless you are carrying your a laptop in a backpack around… oh, wait.

My first talk, about WebKitGTK+ and GNOME, was this afternoon with really good results. People had fun and felt confident to ask questions and approach me later for some extra chatting and photos. It was the one opening the Free Software track.

Tomorrow I open the day again with a talk titled “How to live creating Free Software without starving”, it’s a somewhat personal tale of how I have survived my life as a hippie hacker. Lots of lolcats and fun, guaranteed.

On Friday, Germán will present a talk titled “Who writes GNOME?”, I’m eager to see the results of his investigation. He’s also presenting it at GUADEC Hispana.

Sadly, light is really bad on the campus floor so it’s hard to take any picture. Germán has a few mugshots though. Maybe he publishes them later.

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Summer lessons

Over the last few months I’ve been working for Igalia, as an intern, fixing regressions in Epiphany, which extends to WebKitGTK+ sometimes. Surely a dream job: working on my favourite projects, on a great company, surrounded by great teammates and friends.

Igalia: Free Software Engineering

I’m happy about it, really really happy. I love this job, totally, completely!. I’ve had the chance to learn a lot. Here I’d like to share some things I have learned so far, I look forward to post again with more ideas, but meanwhile here you have two.

Different timezones are hard

The time when I find most of the Igalia crew online is between 2am and 12pm. Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t find them past 12pm, but it’s already 7pm or 8pm in Europe then. I”m on UTC-5 and Spain is on UTC+1 or (now) UTC+2.

You probably agree that asking anyone to wake up at 7am in summer is unrealistic. Luckily, Igalia doesn’t make me pass a turing test everyday at a fixed time. This rocks.

Valparaíso, Chile

I love it when people understand that a happy hacker working at midnight is better than an unhappy hacker working on a set in stone schedule. Kudos to Igalia for that.

Your code should explain and defend itself

My written expression teacher says “Your text should be good enough to explain and defend itself”. This applies to code too. I confirmed this at the expense of Xan‘s patience.

It’s a common situation: when the maintainer reviews your patch you are not around to explain it, or present the rationale you put into the change. The solution? well, simple, your patch and commit log should explain by themselves.

I saw, after realising how much ping-pong Xan and I had to play to get a patch in, that my patches lacked a harder review by myself before being posted. You have to be your first reviewer.

Be a severe judge of your patch, ask yourself if you would accept such a patch, if you would like a commit message like that, if that variable name is really good, if someone could quickly grasp what’s it all about, etc. Get into the flippy flops of the maintainer, don’t assume everything is obvious to everyone.

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Are we human?

So today I was trying to check if I still had that Fedora Account System login I recalled. So after some back and forth with the recovery system I arrived to the “human confirmation” page:

Now, I like some of The Killers’ songs (this one will give you the context), so I just couldn’t help myself from doing this:

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GNOMEs in Chile

Update March 1st, 24 UTC: Reynaldo Verdejo is ok, the list is complete!

Update March 1st, 16 UTC: Alejandro Valdés, Fabián Arias, Carlos Ríos Vera and Germán Póo-Caamaño have been in contact with others in Chile. 🙂

Probably by now some of you know or are worried about the situation in Chile. I’m not chilean nor in Chile but I’ve been following closely due to the considerable number of good friends I have there, most of them related to GNOME.

From The Big Picture (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

Juan Carlos Inostroza (blog down) suggested I publish the list of GNOME/Free Software people in Chile that has reported since the earthquake and are fine, here it goes:

Known, found and good:

  • Andrea Orellana Palma
  • Álvaro Olivares
  • Alejandro Valdés (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via Felipe Besoaín)
  • Adrien Bustany (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via pvanhoof)
  • Cristian Barahona G.
  • Carlos Ríos Vera (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via his sister on fb)
  • Fernando Ruiz Altamirano
  • Joo Anfossi Mardones
  • Jorge Bustos
  • Juan Carlos Inostroza
  • Fabio Durán
  • Fabián Arias (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via Andrea Orellana)
  • Felipe Andres Besoaín Pino
  • Fernando San Martín Woerner
  • Germán Póo-Caamaño (updated 20100301 @16 UTC, via Pablo Estefó)
  • Mario Gonzáles
  • Miguel Angel Ruiz Manzano
  • Pablo Estefó
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido
  • Ricardo Fuentes
  • Reynaldo Verdejo (updated 20100301 @24 UTC, via Claudio Saavedra, Juan Carlos Inostroza)
  • Sven von Brand
  • Sebastián Lara

Not know, nor found, we presume good but without cellphones:

  • None

If you have been in contact with any of them, leave a comment, send a DM in twitter (@diegoe) and etc. List is not complete, I probably forgot someone, please remind me. Will update if I get news from anyone.

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Reinout: my GUADEC keynote suggestion

GNOME 1, 2, 3

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Posting to pastebin from git

I usually need to show someone a simple patch from a local git repo, my method was to run git format-patch and upload the result to my userdir with a script conveniently called internets. This of course filled my userdir with garbage in the long run and also was a multiple step process.

So today, after a quick apt-cache search, I installed pastebinit, but then my problem was that there is no glue between this tool and git. Some googling took me to mentions of git-porcelains but I didn’t want to install that so I tried something simpler, a git alias.

I crafted this line for .gitconfig:
pastebinit = !sh -c 'git format-patch -1 –stdout $1 | pastebinit -f diff' -

Update: Ray and Pablo shared some ideas in the comments, the alias is updated, thanks!.

That I can use like this:
git pastebinit [commit]

It runs and outputs the url of my new pastebin’d code :-). I’m happy with it, but open to suggestions. Hope it’s useful for someone.

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