Summer plans

So for my summer time (that’s freezing time for you all in the northern hemisphere) I’ll be joining Igalia doing an internship working on Epiphany and WebKitGTK+ :-). I’m really happy and excited about this!

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¡Vamos al sur!

This past weekend I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the mother of all bacteria, I have a pharyngitis since last Thursday. Turns out the bastard is resistant to amoxiciline so just yesterday I got switched to something different to try to kill it. It seems I’m better now but I’m still ‘infected’.

Bad timing. I’ll be travelling in a few hours to Valparaíso, Chile for the 10th Encuentro Linux and Día GNOME 2009. I’ll be giving a small talk/workshop about some cool stuff you can do with WebKitGTK+. I gotta say I’ve stolen content from Xan López, Gustavo Noronha and Christian Dywan‘s talk at Gran Canaria, don’t blame me, it was a nice talk.

voy voy

I’m focusing in examples so I hope the code I’m producing will prove helpful as a base for more talks, I’ll try to translate it to English and upload it somewhere visible :). Many thanks to Encuentro Linux organizers for sponsoring my ticket and accommodation.

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking jointly with Pedro Villavicencio about the GNOME Community and how cool it is and why you should join. It will have interesting info, comments and, of course, photos ;-).

This year I’m glad that two new peruvian GNOME contributors are travelling with me to meet with the GNOME Chile people and enjoy their first GNOME-related conference. Sergio Infante, triager and GNOME Hispano IRC talks organizer, together with Juan Rojas, patch maker and tester, will be talking about the good and bad of involving with GNOME: what can we do better, what are we not doing, etc. Their talk is really promising for me, since they have a much better point of view than any of us, since they are new contributors. They are travelling thanks to the GNOME Foundation financial support of DíaGNOME.

So, if you are in Chile be there. And whether you are there or not, wish me better health! :^).

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Gran canaria tidbytes (ala vuntz)

  • Had an insane long walk trying to find a cuban restaurant, we finally discovered it was 1 block away from Catalina Park. Not really good in the end.
  • Met a lot of nice GNOME Hispano people already and gave and received lots of hugs, GUADEC is always full of hugs. It’s the hug conference.
  • The Sponsored by GNOME Foundation badges are awesome, great idea by Germán and incredible artwork by Vinicius (that awesome brazilian guy that gave the green colored UI suggestions talk). If you want one, ask Germán or me.
  • Seif Lotfy showed me some cool Zeitgeist ENGINE (I’m still trying to pronounce it correctly) stuff, really nice since it’s not really an UI but more like a new concept regarding how we can gather data about how people use their desktop, his talk is today in the afternoon, be there!
  • Had fun seeing Vincent and Lucas being gringos in the stores by the beach, sort of feels like being at home. Lucas doesn’t really understand Spanish but he believes he does.
  • Will be hanging around the conference today, eating icecream.
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FreeFA cup 2009

Every year brave players from the 5 continents gather together to define who’s the best in the deadliest sport there is: soccer.

FreeFA 2008

photo © by Alia and Zaheer Abbas –

While in its already various years of existence the FreeFA cup haven’t yet taken any victim, we still like to think it’s quite dangerous and brave to play.

If you would like to become part of history books and be admired for generations yet to come, sign up now in the GCDS wiki (registration required on the main page).

Pack up your shinpads and football shoes, plus one or two colours of shirts you can sweat confidently.

Teams and time will be sorted while on the island.

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Still locked out of Google

Google continues to lock me out of my account apparently just for fun. NOT A SINGLE ANSWER I have got from their bazillion of forms.

I’m obviously pissed off by this, so far the best I have got have been automated replies from forms spitting standard answers to me, answers also in the GMail web help. Yes, that kind of answer “please check that the router is ON”.

Google: you are making me unhappy, I have been happy to recommend you to friends, but doesn’t seem like I will keep doing it after this.

I have bazillions of stuff rotting in queue because of this.

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Locked out of Google world

So, seems like Google locked me out of my account today. Apparently for my own protection. Perhaps they are right and they are preventing me from being harmed.

In case you sent me a million dollar offer or something really important, this is why I haven’t replied.


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Saving your neck when git-svn dcommit fails

Over the weekend I had to send some changes to an SVN repo. Thing is that I use git-svn to have all those XXI century benefits like local commits.

Sadly I had some problems with git-svn, concretely it failed half the way through sending my really big number of changes. The result was that I was left with uncommitted changes and missing commits after such set of changes. No need to say that I was really nervous about the state of my hard work of the week…

So after some desperate google searches and some questions to my personal GIT expert, desrt, I found this mail in google groups. I reproduce the process here:

How to save your neck when git-svn dcommit fails half through the process

  1. Open .git/logs/HEAD
  2. Look for your most recent commit (note that these commits are sorted by “unix time”, although you can also find the latest one by reading the shortlog there
  3. Confirm that the commit you found is the right one: git show
  4. git reset --hard hash from log
  5. git svn rebase
  6. git svn dcommit

This picks up where it left off, so you won’t loose anything, happy happy happy git :-).

Hope this saved your neck like it saved mine. Other tips welcome :-)!

Update: Mike lets me know that the commands were bad written because of html entities and stuff, fixed now.

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On Board

I’m really happy and proud to say that I’m now part of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. :-).

I can only say that I’ll do my best, although I have to confess that I will be shameless in taking over the control of the Foundation together with Lucas in favour of our beloved Latin América.

Thank you everyone!

And my first official action is to appoint Bruno Balboa Boaventura as Board’s security.

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Evolution templates plugin integrated into trunk

Thanks to the integration work by Bharath Acharya and the review by Srinivasa Ragavan, we now got Evolution template plugin (which I wrote some weeks ago) into trunk:

All this will be in 2.24 if nothing goes wrong (nothing should). So… yay! Maybe I’ll get a world-wide fan base now.

Kudos to Yannick for the original funding of my work.

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GUADEC nostalgia in NetworkManager

I’m getting this sometimes at the venue:


Ah, the nostalgia.

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