Some of the things I’ve worked on recently

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It’s been a fun past two weeks, other than being sick (which was a good time to think about copyright assignment – that’s what people do when they’re sick, right?) Anyway, some of the things I’ve worked on:

  • got started on the press release for GNOME 3.2 – it’s very exciting, I can’t wait for the release next week!
  • called and emailed a couple of advisory board members, which resulted in some great brainstorming about GNOME
  • emailed new GNOME Foundation members to congratulate and welcome them. To be a Foundation member requires prior contribution to GNOME, so almost everyone I emailed has been actively engaged in the GNOME community well before I became Executive Director. Still, participation in the nonprofit as an actual member is a special thing. Since the members elect the board of directors, it’s the members that truly set the direction of the Foundation.
  • helped answer questions about the proper use of GNOME’s logo under our trademark guidelines for third parties. There’s more work to be done here, as good questions were raised about GNOME’s trademarks in response to a proposal I made on foundation-list to improve the guidelines.
  • helped with some of the logistics regarding the Montreal Summit (and made a few last efforts at organizing it in Boston). I also helped with the logistics of a couple of not-organized-yet events
  • helped SFLC work on a couple of issues that may affect all free software nonprofits, including GNOME. SFLC also helped GNOME with issues it had outstanding this week (it’s great when free software nonprofits work together!)
  • worked on a few press opportunities – more coming on those soon!

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