Update on my recent activities

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Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last update:

  • We had an advisory board meeting, at which Alejandro Piñeiro presented on the current state of GNOME’s accessibiltiy work. We discussed a few other things, such as our progress so far this year with hackfests.
  • I followed up and talked to advisory board members who couldn’t be at the meeting
  • I pursued a new donation for the GNOME Foundation (more news on that to come) and followed up on working with existing donors.
  • I worked a bit on the annual report – Juanjo Marín, Emily Gonyer, Christy Eller and Daniel Galleguillos are all working hard!
  • I helped with trademark advice for a GNOME project, working with Red Hat lawyers
  • I gathered documents to help renew our SSL certificates (thanks av and SEJeff!)
  • I worked with jrocha and dneary to prioritize our keynote invitations for GUADEC and get to the actual business of sending out invitations.
  • I participated on a call and did some prep work for a panel I’m on at sxsw on free culture
  • I wrote and submitted a proposal for the LF’s Collaboration Summit
  • I worked with Juanjo Marín to publish a new story on the a11y campaign – the announcement is coming soon!
  • I reviewed and discussed our Form 990 with our accountants
  • I participated in a GUADEC organizational meeting and a GNOME.Asia one too. These teams are really pulling together to get the conferences organized well and on time. I also helped edit various related documents, like the calls for papers!
  • There were various other housekeeping matters, of course!

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