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This bi-weekly report is a bit short, as I spent almost half of the time at sxsw, speaking about free culture and taking continuing legal education classes to make sure I keep my status as a lawyer in good standing. I wrote a separate report of sxsw earlier. Some of the things I did during the rest of the time are:

  • coordinated my travel and finalized the proposal for speaking at LibrePlanet in Boston this weekend and at the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit in San Francisco April 3-5. Come and say hi!
  • answered some questions regarding GNOME logo use.
  • helped get the documents needed to renew our SSL certificates. Thanks so much to StartCom Ltd.
  • worked with Rosanna on house cleaning, including getting invoices out to our sponsors.
  • met with Shaun to discuss our budget. It’s hard work being treasurer. Thank Shaun if you have the time and German too for having done it for so long in the past.
  • talked to various reporters – will link here to articles as they come out. An article about my medical devices work was published in an industry magazine called Mass Device recently
  • worked on our Q4 report – thanks Emily for organizing it, and thanks to Andreas who will publish it soon!
  • talked to some folks about the OPW’s new round – we’ll have some announcements on that coming too!
  • joined the Ada Intiative’s advisory board! Check out all of the great work that the Ada Intiative has done over it’s first year in existence.
  • released an episode of Free as in Freedom with the audio from the app store panel at FOSDEM, along with commentary by Bradley and me.

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