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I’m really excited about some of the press that my medical devices advocacy has been getting recently. Yesterday, there was an article on the BBC website, which starts:

Karen Sandler has a big heart. And that’s not just because she is head of the Gnome Foundation – a non-profit community group dedicated to making and giving away free software for PCs.

I’m also going to be interviewed on a Spanish language tv show tomorrow, which should be fun! (The interview is in English, thankfully.) So tune in, if you want…

I’ll keep you posted here if more of these interviews turn unto published material.

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  1. Anton Says:


    I know you have been talking about that subject for a white.
    Just to let you know, there is a new article today with some credits to McAfee’s unpublished research alleging that they have found a way to control such medical devices:
    Obviously, they forgot to mention the root of this problem, didn’t mentioned neither source source review, no open source alternative. And I’m sure they know about you ;-). Seriously, I hate corporation.

    The good news the ball is rolling 😉

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