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…it’s because I’ve gone to the hospital to have a baby! I’ll likely not have an out of office message on my email straight away but be unresponsive for a few days at least. Thanks for understanding, and for your good wishes!

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  1. Juanjo Marin Says:

    Wow !!! Enjoy of your baby :-)

  2. Sri Ramkrishna Says:

    how wonderful for you! I was kind of hoping you’d give birth on release day! :-) But GOOD LUCK to you! I hope everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed.

    affectionately, sri

  3. Folmer Says:

    Good luck!

  4. Randy3011 Says:

    Best Wishes and Congrats!!!! Hope everything goes well!!! Rest now, can’t later!.

  5. pixelpapst Says:

    The best of luck from all of us ! Hope you will have no complications going forward.
    The best part of your live is about to begin ! :-)

  6. Gil Forcada Says:


    We all hope everything is/will be ok!

  7. Julita Inca Says:

    Have a good time Karen!!! I hope to see you again with the GNOME baby ^^

  8. luc Says:


  9. Chom Says:

    Congrats homegirl!!!

  10. Sumana Harihareswara Says:

    Huzzah! Best of luck!

  11. Eduard Gotwig Says:

    WOW, THAT IS GREAT ^_^ Good luck, and hello world :D

  12. Peer Says:

    My best wishes and good luck!

  13. Ryan Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Hope all went well.

  14. Taryn Fox Says:

    Congratulations, and good luck!