Help Make GNOME Safer than Ever!

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Today we’ve launched a new Friends of GNOME campaign, aimed at making GNOME one of the most secure computing environments available.

Privacy is an extremely important component of a top notch computing environment. Many of us choose to use GNU/Linux systems with privacy in mind. However, while we have many of the right tools in the free software world, we don’t have a desktop where they are well integrated into the user experience.

After meeting Jacob Appelbaum at LCA, I was really inspired about work we could do at GNOME to improve the desktop and make it more secure. Happily, Jacob agreed to come to GUADEC and deliver a GNOME-centric keynote just for us.

Many of us in the GNOME community have been talking about this since then, and have now decided to focus our efforts around a Friends of GNOME campaign. We’re also having a discussion that you can join on desktop-devel-list about features we can add to improve the situation.

So as you head out or stay in for your end of year celebrations, please donate to our new campaign!

3 Responses

  1. Jim Campbell Says:

    This sounds like a great direction for GNOME. I will be adding my support. : )

  2. stig atle steffensen Says:

    Sounds like this to me

  3. Robert K Says:

    I can see moving forward for the gnome community that every major change will have to be forked & backported to the “secure” branch of gnome as they start to integrate security functionality into the stable gnome branch. It’s just the way security integration seems to happen. If gnome decides to change major directions like it did with gnome2 to gnome3, these will be extremely painful transitions when companies begin to rely on the security functionality of gnome on integrating their user policies etc.

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