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I’ve been remiss about posting this, but I was interviewed by Canadian Broadcast about medical devices recently. Here is the podcast of the show, which interviews a few people about this (they don’t get to this segment until quite a bit into the file). While they wound up not publishing my discussion specifically of GNOME, the website does link back to this blog. I was happy to hear the discussion framed as one about freedom, and was interested to hear what the other speakers had to say.

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  1. James Says:

    Glad to hear your message is getting to Canadian audiences! I’m Canadian, and I hope these issues get more exposure, so that they don’t become as big as I imagine they are in the US. I routinely donate to the eff, although I wish there was an active Canadian version too.

    Strangely, I’m a Free Software hacker and physiologist, and I see huge amounts of proprietary software in medecine. I remember watching a talk of yours about your heart. It was interesting! What would Stallman do ?

    Good luck hacking the software in your heart.