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We announced yesterday that GNOME received generous donations of high-definition display laptops, which we’ll distribute on a rolling basis to GNOME contributors. This is an exciting development as it provides an opportunity to get GNOME more functional on newer equipment and to improve touch screen support.

We got one laptop from Brion Vibber and five more from Intel. It took us some time to coordinate the delivery of the laptops, but Matthias Clasen stepped up to the task and has volunteered to keep them rotating around. The initial holders are Jon McCann (US), Jasper St. Pierre (US), David King (UK), Allan Day (UK), Carlos Garnacho (Netherlands), Jakub Steiner (Czech Republic) and Alexander Larsson (Sweden).

Check out the work that Alexander Larsson has already done!

There’s a short waiting list for the next crack at this hardware – if you have some work you’d like to do to improve GNOME, let me or Matthias know. And thanks to Brion and Intel!

Here’s Allan Day’s excellent picture of one of the machines in action…

Looking good!

Looking good!

4 Responses

  1. Paradoxe Says:

    Great News.

    But own do you use it with Gnome 3 and without “Super” key ? ^^

  2. David King Says:

    On the Chromebook Pixel, the “search” key, which is in the location that is usually occupied by the Caps Lock key, is the Super key. A bigger problem is the lack on an “Fn” key, and that many of the navigation keys, such as Page Up/Down, Home and End, are missing.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So, these laptops help enable high DPI support for 200+ DPI systems. Will this work help make GNOME work better on mid-range DPI systems (120-150 DPI) without being too small by default? That support regressed significantly from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3, and I’m hoping this scalable UI work will help recover that.

  4. David King Says:

    Currently, the scaling is only for integer multiples, and I think that only doubling (2x scaling) has been tested.