Support MediaGoblin!

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The Goblin Force strikes again!

MediaGoblin launched their fundraising campaign yesterday with the FSF. Check out their fantastic video (it’s definitely worth watching and was obviously the product of quite a bit of work) and donate generously.

One of the awesomest things about free software fundraising campaigns is that we all want each other to succeed, even when we are in competition. One of the best examples of this is the launching of the Pitivi and MediaGoblin campaigns. Instead of getting frustrated and bitter at finding out they were launching around the same time, they teamed up to adjust their timing so as not to hit on the same day. Even though this meant that MediaGoblin delayed by a few days more than they had meant to. And the Pitivi fundraising page even links to the MediaGoblin campaign.

Love is all around.

I just made my donation to MediaGoblin and can’t wait to see them make their goal!

Support Pitivi!

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Exciting news! GNOME is hosting a fundraising campaign for Pitivi. Their fundraising page launched today. I love their announcement:

Free and Open Source video editing is something that can help make the world a better place, as it gives people all around the world one more tool to express themselves creatively, fight oppression, create happiness and spread love.

I’m pleased that GNOME is able to serve Pitivi as a fiscal sponsor on this, and I have to give Mathieu, Thibault and Jeff a lot of credit as they’ve already done so much work to set it up.

So go check out their video (made with Pitivi, naturally) and donate now! I just made my donation…

P.S. keep your eye on these guys, and special thanks to them for partnering up on timing!