Not a bad round…

Played a decent round of golf this morning (at least for me). This being laid off thing isn’t so bad… got allot more time for things like golf. Not bad as long as I am still getting paid 🙂

Now it is time to get back to the job search. I wish someone would hire me to surf the web, play with cool stuff, and hang out on IRC all day… anyone got a lead for me?

Spent some time playing around with Mono, which actually looks pretty promising. I still plan to learn more Python, but mono does look like a good evironment (afaik). Wrote a simple gtk# application with the help of the monodevelop (takes no brains). Also, spent some time building a NAS device with openfiler. It looks pretty promising, nearly as robust as the top dollar cellera we have now. It is pretty nice to have a ton of test boxes and 20TB of SAN storage 😉

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