So much todo…

I am finally settled into the new house and it is time to get back to my projects. Here is a list of what I am working on:

I have promised Laurie I would get all of our videos of Ashlyn edited and on DVD, so that has to be high on the list 🙂

I really want to build the specifix distro on PPC, which is due in tomorrow (I can’t wait). It will be a dual boot box, so when I am not editing the videos I can compile Linux applications.

GNOME LiveCD, this has slipped a bit. The goal is to create a conary based LiveCD to be used by the GNOME Marketing folks for demos, propaganda, sending out for reviews, etc… Once I get a few things worked out, this shouldn’t be that big of a project. My first list of packages are here.

MythTV distro, conary based distro that is skinnied down to just include necessary tools for a full functioning MythTV box. I have some of the recipes and had them in a repository, but it is fried and I need to start from scratch.

Anyone know how to clone a human?

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