Anti-biotics are good

So my cold turned into more than just a cold. Friday night it became an ear infection, that really sucked! Saturday morning I paid my doctor a visit and she prescribed some anti-biotics which are now starting to help. Basically, I was so congested for so long that it cause the infection. Still haven’t shaken the congestion, but at least my ears don’t hurt anymore.

In other news, I whipped up ISOs for Foresight… but they don’t quite work. There was a path bug in anaconda that causes it to bomb right when it starts installing packages. I created a patch for it and applied it to my shadow. But, now there is a shadow bug and I can’t regenerate the ISOs until someone pokes at things a little. Should be able to get that fixed on Monday and I can quickly get ISOs for version 0.1 published.

Also thanks to Lode for donating some bandwidth for the ISOs.

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