Car repair sucks….

Getting robbed sucks worse!

Last week the head gasket blew on our mini-van. So, had it towed into the dealer. Initial conversation with the Dealer they said it would be in the ball park of $800-900 if they had to do both heads. Then the real quote came at $1600. I told them that wasn’t even in the same town as the original estimate and they needed to explain the difference. After some stumbling around he agreed to speak with his service manager. They called back and said they could do it for $1060. That was at least closer so I told them to go ahead. Now of course, nearly a week later, they finished to work and it is nearly $1600. For different reasons, like the bolts were rusty on the manifold and had to be sent to the machine shop… etc… I guess they were gonna get their money, no matter what!

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