Foresight Desktop Linux, 0.3!

Foresight Desktop Linux 0.3, this is another alpha release of this new distro.

Please download, install and report bugs today! Also, check out our wiki. It is currently pretty empty and it needs some design help. Please feel free to create an account and start adding content!

Download it here

Changes since the last release:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Added missing packages
  • Firstboot now works, this version gives sudo access to the first user created
  • All application launchers that need root priviledges now use sudo
  • Removed duplicate application launchers

There is a problem in the installation that prevents a few packages from getting installed. Here are the steps:

Boot after install, don’t login. Switch to a console (ctrl-alt-f2) and login as root.

conary update sudo
conary update firstboot
conary update sound-juicer
conary update a2ps
conary update beagle

Then reboot. You will be greeted with firstboot, follow the wizard. The user that gets created here gets sudo access now.

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