Foresight Desktop Linux 0.4

Foresight Desktop Linux 0.4, this is another alpha release of this new distro. Please download, install and report bugs today! Also, check out our wiki at It is currently pretty empty and it needs some design help. Please feel free to create an account and start adding content!

Where to get it:

Changes since the last release:

Updated to GNOME 2.10 RC 1

Changed default theme to Clearlooks

Bugfixes and some updated packages

What is cool?

* GNOME — Foresight comes with GNOME 2.10 RC 1

* Conary — Foresight is built on the paradigm shifting conary package management system.

* Mono — Prepackaged Mono 1.1.4 and many mono apps, Beagle, Tomboy, Monodevelop, etc…

* GNOME Office

* Howl

And more… try it, you’ll like it..

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