Project single disk

Now that Foresight Desktop is working pretty well, it is time to get it down to one disk. So the plan is to split out the packages into two distros, Server and Desktop. Who needs a database server on there desktop? Well, some people will. The solution is conary… yay!

Conary’s group handling is close to being ready for use. So I will create a number of groups. Maybe something like this:

group-dist – This will contain the core of the distro, things that are shared between both desktop and server
group-desktop – Desktop apps, GNOME, etc..
group-server – Server apps, apache, bind, etc..
group-developer – Lost of development tools

Desktop distro iso will contain group-dist and group-desktop, Server distro will contain group-dist and group-server.

I am sure there will be more, and maybe even some of this will change once I see how the groups work. These are just my initial thoughts.

Another thing I may investigate is hacking firstboot to do additional install work. Maybe the “Addition CD” module can be replaced with a new one that is install additional groups via conary, assuming there is a network connection. It should be a pretty easy hack. A user could select “Developer”, and it would just do a conary update group-developer.

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