FDL 0.6!

Foresight Desktop Linux 0.6 is available for download. Please
download, install and report bugs today! Also, check out our wiki at
http://wiki.foresightlinux.com. Alot of content has been added,
it still needs some look and feel work. Please feel free to
create an account and start adding content!

Where to get it:

Changes since the last release:
* Conary updated to 0.50.5
* Included a wallpaper with a proposed logo
* Slick new xscreensaver lock dialog
* bluefish and firestarter added
* Some new versions
* A few tweaks and bug fixes…

What is cool?

* GNOME — Foresight comes with GNOME 2.10
* Conary — Foresight is built on the paradigm shifting conary package
management system.
* Mono — Prepackaged Mono 1.1.4 and many mono apps; Beagle, f-spot,
Tomboy, Monodevelop, etc…
* GNOME Office
* Howl
And more… try it, you’ll like it..

For a rather crude list of included packages and versions, check out

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