New release

Foresight Desktop Linux 0.8 is now available. It has been alot of work, been beating on Anaconda most of the week. This release includes some nice artwork, many thanks to Jon for his contributions. Anaconda has had a face lift, it looks great. We also have added a nice bootsplash, I am very pleased with the look. We have also made some significant strives in hardware detection/automounting. Applied some patches to hal/udev/gnome-volume-manager and libgphoto. Things work very well now. I can now plug in my camera and gtkam pops up and asks me to import my photos, sweet! Plug in my usbstick and it mounts it and opens a nautilus window. Pop in an audio CD, goobox pops up and starts playing. It all just works, I love it!

Download, play, kick the tires, report bugs, and enjoy.

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