First Haircut for Ashlyn

Yesterday we got Ashlyn’s hair cut for the first time. She is 2 1/2 now, her hair was out of control. Laurie had a really tough time agreeing to the cut, but it had to be done. Didn’t cut much, just trimmed the ends. Went to JJ Kids in Cary to get it done, pretty cool place. They have chairs that are things like airplanes, horses, cars, etc… They also have a library of kids videos and TV in front of each chair to keep the kids occupied during the cut. Ashlyn chose Dora the Explorer (of course…) and was an angel during the whole process.

We are busy potty training her this weekend, which requires a ton of patience. Yesterday was hard, even 10 minutes on the potty with little success. Today has been much better. I think it is working! Good job AJ!

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