Got a bike again…

Well, it has been 4 1/2 years since I sold my last motorcycle. It was a great 1999 Yamaha R6 (soooo fast). When we moved to Los Angeles, I wasn’t comfortable riding around town (those unprotected left turns). So, I sold it and invested in an engagement ring for Laurie. Great investment, but I remind her regularly that she is wearing my bike :)

I have finally bought another bike, NC is a pretty nice place for riding. It isn’t particularly fast… or sporty. Maybe it is a sign I am getting older. It is a cruiser bike, a 1986 Honday Shadow. I was mostly looking for a good commuter bike… but am looking forward to taking an afternoon ride out to Maple view farms for some ice cream ;-) Just need to arrange a baby sitter for an afternoon… any volunteers?

Ashlyn just loves it… she can’t stop talking about it, and keeps asking me to “put my hat on”. Here are a couple of pictures.

Ashlyn loves it

New bike

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