Not sure how I survived childhood without air conditioning. But, now that I have had AC for years… I can’t seem to survive without it. Thursday evening we noticed it was getting a little warmer than the thermistat was set for. By Friday morning it was like 84. So, I poked around and the heat pump was running but the blower wasn’t really blowing. So, we called someone to come and fix it… They came out and said we had a freon leak, so it was low and it was frozen and they needed it to thaw overnight and someone would come out Saturday morning to fill the freon and find the leak.

By the time I got home from work it was 94 in the house with the windows open. The baby was sweating… Ashlyn’s face was all red from the heat. So, we headed to a hotel for the night. Made it into a fun game for Ashlyn, like a slumber party. She had a blast. Saturday morning the guy showed up and said we weren’t low on freon and there was no leak. But, some insulation in the blower unit in the attic got sucked around the blower motor that was preventing it from moving much air… which caused the freeze up. He fixed that and all worked well. He proceeded to explain to me that the guy that came out Friday was just lazy… didn’t want to check the attic. It was easy to say we were low on freon.

So, we wasted a nights stay in the hotel… If he wasn’t so lazy, we could have returned to life as usual.

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