rBuilder, I love it!

Well, I can finally talk about how we build our ISOs for Foresight. rPath has a great tool (beta) called rBuilder. Think of rBuilder as a SourceForge like service for Linux distros. It provides me the tools to manage the Foresight Linux distro.

Now, many have asked why we renamed our label from conary.foresightlinux.com@fl:desktop to foresight.rpath.org@fl:desktop. The short answer is rBuilder. We are using rBuilder, when the distro first started rBuilder didn’t exist. Now that it does, so to really fit into the rPath model we needed to rename.

Many thanks to the folks at rPath, they have truely create amazing tools that make Foresight happen. They have also really gone the extra mile to help us. Foresight is the first derived distro, so we really had many bugs to work out. I really hope we provide some real value back to them as well!

Also, a big congrats to all the hard working guys that made rBuilder what it is… and what it will be! Great job!

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