Foresight Desktop Linux 0.9.2 released

It has been a long hard road, but 0.9.2 ISOs are now posted. I will say they aren’t perfect, but a huge jump from the previous ISOs released. The most noticable bug is the lack of the bootsplash. It seems broken. I haven’t even looked at it at all yet… Just glad things work.

What has changed? It would be easier to ask what hasn’t changed?

From the surface, there doesn’t appear to be a significant change.

  • The gtk theme has been hacked to use colors that match our look better.
  • Default icon set is tango.
  • Stripped out stuff that folks won’t even miss, which shaved 120MB off the 2nd CD
  • Added laptop-tools, which includes some nice wireless drivers, NetworkManager, GNOME Power, and ndisgtk (GUI for configuring windows wireless drivers)
  • Convert back to using GNOME Systems Tools
  • Package selection in the installer

Now the less obvious stuff, which is a much bigger change. We completely reorganized our group structure which is more like rPath Linux. Back when we created our groups, rPath hadn’t really decided yet, so we took a stab at it. Well, anaconda didn’t like it (and really hates me). It really seems to be related to the new package selection, which is oh so sweet. And instead of begging poor Matt to hack anaconda to support our groups… I decided to start over 🙂 I am rather happy we did. Now it is easier for us to follow some things in rPath Linux, like the compat32 stuff needed for an x86_64 port.

Speaking of ports, there have been some cross compiling features added to conary (not released yet) which will make it easier for us to build for x86_64 and PPC. I am quite excited about that! Time to get off my lazy butt and buy a fast build box for Foresight, set the target to ppc, and start cooking!

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