Announcing Foresight Desktop Linux 0.9.4

I are very pleased to announce the availability of Foresight Desktop
Linux 0.9.4 with GNOME 2.14.  This release includes a number of updates:

GNOME 2.14
Cleaner, shinier Clearlooks theme
Tango desktop icons
Conary 1.0.6
Avahi (AKA Rendezvous, Bonjour and sometimes Zeroconf)
Latest DBUS and HAL
GNOME Power Manager
and more…

Foresight Desktop Linux 0.9.4 is available as both CD and DVD isos,
and… drum roll please… VMWare Player and QEMU images thanks to rBuilder!

Come and get it, don’t be shy!  For help check out our mailing list or
visit us in #foresight on Freenode. 

Download it at

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