Great party…

Yesterday was Drew’s 1st birthday, today we had a big party with lots of friends and family. Had a really great time, Drew smeared cake all over, and smerp slayed the dragon! We rented one of the giant inflatable house that looked like a dragon. The kids loved it, and it was so worth it. porkrynde seemed to like it the more than any of the kids, and smerp tried it out too. That was interesting…. smerp managed to get over on his back down in a corner cutting off the air flow, which deflated one side… and the dragon took a big dip. All the kids ended up on top of him and he couldn’t get up… We had to lift the corner to get him out, and he said something along the lines of “Help, help, help, this is not a drill”. It was funny…. especially since I wasn’t the one trapped in there.

All and all it was a great day. The weather was perfect, good company, and good times!

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