Update from 0.9.5 to 0.9.8

The update path from 0.9.5 and earlier to 0.9.8 is a little bumpy. We have smoothed it out a bit. It is more complicated than the average update for a couple of reasons. First the label change, going to our new release practice and changing that label to foresight.rpath.org@fl:1 means telling conary where to find the updates. And the filesytem layout changes that come along with the move from Xorg 6.9 to Xorg 7.1.

Here are the steps:

sudo conary update conary
sudo conary update distro-release=@fl:1 filesystem=@fl:1
sudo conary erase xorg-x11:devel xorg-x11-xfs chkfontpath xorg-x11-fonts
sudo conary erase tk:devel
sudo mknod /dev/inotify c 10 63
sudo conary update group-dist=@fl:1
sudo chkconfig xdm on
sudo grub-install hd0

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