Announcing Foresight Linux

This release includes a bunch of version bumps and bug fixes. Most significant updates are Firefox 2.0 and Flash 9. Also sporting Conary 1.1.10 and rAA 1.0.7 which we have started to rebrand for Foresight. It still has the rPath look, but is now labeled “Foresight System Manager” and will soon have a full Foresight look and feel. Mono, F-Spot, Banshee and Beagle have all been updated.


Our installer has seen some major changes. The most noticable change is the updated artwork, however behind the scenes there are some significant improvements. There was a problem with installing on systems with limited memory. That is fixed now and as a side effect a couple of steps in the installation that had been rather slow are significantly faster.


The Foresight community has been growing for sometime, and lately growth has seemed to accelerate. I want to thank all those that have helped get us to where we are today. It has been a great journey. Let’s keep it up!


Help Wanted
We are always looking for more contributers. Right now I think we need help with marketing more than anything. If there are any volunteers to help get Foresight on every PC (I dream big), please let us know!

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