rAA Plugin Search plugin 0.1

Announcing the first version of the rBuilder package search/install plugin. It is still needs some UI work, but it works. To try it:

sudo conary update raa-plugin-search=raa.rpath.org@rpl:1

The plugin utilizes the new search terms that rBuilder just introduced. Specifically it searches by branch. The included configuration file sets the branch to search to “rpl:1”. This will search for a package in all projects on the “rpl:1” branch. This is probably desirable for rPath Linux 1 based systems. For Foresight, you will want to search on additional branches. Updating “raa-desktop” will bring in the appropriate overrides for Foresight. This will search using these branches: ‘fl:1-devel’, ‘fl:1-contrib’, ‘rpl:1’.

If you would like to override yourself, set the search.branches list in /etc/raa/custom.cfg

search.branches = ['fl:1-devel', 'fl:1-contrib', 'rpl:1']

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