Introducing Foresight Linux 1.0

Introducing Foresight Linux 1.0!

Foresight Linux is a desktop-focused Linux system that just works. Our mission is to provide a truely useful desktop system that is friendly for the novice user, as well as flexible for the power user. Foresight comes with the GNOME desktop, Banshee for your music, F-Spot for your photos, and Open Office for your office needs. Great attention has been paid to making things simple and integrated. For example, NetworkManager makes it simple to connect to wireless access points. Foresight System Manager handles keeping your system updated. You can even auto update if you wish, or get notifications when there are updates available and apply them yourself through an easy-to-use web interface.

I am also pleased to announce some enhancements to our website, specifically our new forum. Many people have requested a forum in the past. So lets all help make it a success. You can find it at We are also evaluating wiki systems, so stay tuned.

Foresight Linux is a community effort and has come a long way. We have been at it for nearly 2 years now and have some great folks helping out. It has been a blast, and we feel like it is mature and 1.0 quality. We are always looking for more contributers. If you have strong beliefs about what makes a good desktop distribution, we would love your help. You can find us via IRC #foresight on freenode, mailing lists and our forum all linked from the community page of the website.

The future! What does the future hold? Well, stay tuned. There are some exciting things down the road as we work towards 2.0. For example, x86_64 version, maybe a KDE version of Foresight, and more.

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