Foresight Linux 1.0.1

The Foresight Linux community is proud to release version 1.0.1 of Foresight Linux.

About Foresight

Foresight Linux is a desktop linux system that just works. Our mission is to provide a truely useful desktop system that is friendly for the novice user, as well as flexible for the power user. Great attention has been paid to making things simple and integrated, and we seek an excellent end-user experience by removing the barriers commonly associated with usage of the Linux Desktop.


Foresight Linux is available for free download:

You may choose to purchase CD or DVD images through a reseller:
The Linux Store


Many bugs were fixed, features were added, and the look and feel was improved. Many packages have been updated for this release, The more notable are listed below.

  • GNOME 2.16.3
  • Xorg-7.2
  • Linux Kernel
  • Firefox
  • OpenOffice 2.1.0
  • Mono
  • Tomboy 0.5.6
  • Beagle 0.2.16
  • F-spot 0.3.4
  • GIMP 2.13.4
  • Inkscape 0.45
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