OpenOffice or not…

We are back to this question… A while back I got pressured into making Foresight default to instead of GNOME Office. Now it is really time to re-evaluate that decision. Our version of OpenOffice doesn’t include any translations. And it turns out that if we did include them all it would be just to big. About 1.2G. As a distro we ship all locales of everything, which is very important to us. Other distros deal with it by allowing you to install language packs. So by default you get english and you can add the language you care about after install. Don’t get me wrong, we will probably be forced to go that route too. However, maybe it is time for us to default to GNOME Office (since we are a GNOME distro) and just provide OpenOffice as a addon. I know this would make me happy! However, I am sure I will get flamed for this… office suite selection seems to be such a sore spot for people.

I would welcome feedback on this, send a mail to our mailing list with your comments.

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