After enjoying the nice short links for gnome bugzilla created by the bugzilla plugin in tomboy, it started to annoy me that my links to jira issues are so long. After all… most issues I link in my notes comes from rPath’s or Foresight’s Jira.

So I created a new plugin based on the Bugzilla plugin for Jira. Using the plugin, when you drag links to a Jira issue into a note, the url will be shortened to just the issue ID and have a little bug icon next to it.

It is available at and of course it is packaged for Foreisight,

This was my first time really using svn for development in over a year now, and I have to say I don’t miss it. I wish Google Code offered mercurial :-D

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  1. james says:

    Cool plugin Ken – are you still working on it? I’d like to use it :)

  2. ken says:

    It is maintained, so definately check it out. It has only been tested on Foresight Linux (which has Tomboy 0.7.1)… But I am sure it would work fine on anything with a relatively recent Tomboy.

    Feedback is welcome :)

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