Foresight Linux 1.3 and the road to 2.0

Thanks to all that helped get 1.3 done, this release went very smoothly. We have quite a organization now, from developers and writers to translators. We have an official news letter, user guides, and proper release notes and our translators have really stepped it up and coordinated working with the writers to get everything translated on time.

Check out the release notes, news letter, and as always you can download it for yourself from rbuilder.

Now for the road to 2.0, this will likely be our last major release before 2.0. What will be different in 2.0? Few big changes, completely rebuilt with gcc 4.x, x86 and x86_64 versions, new release process, and quite a bit leaner (probably about 1GB smaller installed size. And quite a bit more… just stay tuned!

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