First day at BarCampChicago

First day was amazing… this is such a cool crowd. I don’t have a count of how many people were here on day 1, but it was packed! This place was basically like a night club all day… and well into the night. I didn’t leave until 4am and there was still people hanging out. There was more beer than I could imagine, lots of liquor and snacks. And most of all… oh my they pizza…. you couldn’t imagine how much pizza there was 🙂

There was definately allot of people asking about conary, I spent the better part of the day answering all kinds of questions. Specifically how does conary differ from dpkg (apt). I am very pleased to report that everyone that asked, seemed impressed. I showed off conary rollbacks at least 10 times. It is amazing that something I have gotten so used to now as the “norm” really blows those ubuntu guys away.

Bottom line… conary was a big hit. I even spent 2:30am to 4am showing off conary and rbuilder to some guys while enjoying even more beer 🙂

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