Foresight Linux 1.4.1 Released

The Foresight Linux Project is proud to announce the release of Foresight Linux 1.4.1.

Foresight Linux is a Linux distribution for your desktop that features a rolling release schedule that always keeps your desktop up to date; a revolutionary package manager, Conary; the latest GNOME desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up to date packages.

Foresight Linux 1.4.1 features the latest GNOME (2.20.1), as well as introducing PackageKit. PackageKit is a system designed to make installing and updating software on your computer easier. The primary design goal is to unify all the software graphical tools used in different distributions, and use some of the latest technology like PolicyKit to make the process suck less. For more info, check out

Release notes

You can find more information about Foresight on our website at

We hope you enjoy using Foresight Linux as much as we do. Because your desktop should be cool.

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