Foresight 2 Alpha 1 (GNOME Edition)

I am very pleased to announce the first alpha release of Foresight Linux GNOME Edition. Yes you heard that right, GNOME Edition. Foresight will no longer be GNOME only, there will soon be KDE and XFCE editions. There are quite a few things of note with this release, including both x86 and x86_64 support.

Check out the full announcement here.

You can download it here:

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2 Responses to Foresight 2 Alpha 1 (GNOME Edition)

  1. Lovechild says:

    No longer GNOME only, I’m somehow a bit saddened by that. It’s not that I’m anti choice or anything but Foresight Linux always stood out to me by taking what little it had and focusing on making one superior desktop offering. Other people could do similar things with KDE thanks to Conary and really focus on what they love.

    It might just be me, by I think focusing on something you love is the most fun and yields the best result. I’m hoping that means people who love KDE will be doing the KDE version – otherwise it’s likely to backfire badly, look at how Red Hat and Fedora for ages have had the reputation of mistreating KDE. So my advise is don’t do KDE just because you want choice, do KDE because you geniunely have the manpower and people who love KDE to help guide it. That is why KDE in Fedora now is much nicer, it’s run by people who care. KUbuntu is the same way, given a solid basis system, talented and dedicated people can love their niche into perfection.

  2. vinci says:

    Lovechild: I dont think its sad. We just had so much people who love KDE and liked the ideas of Foresight that are not only about GNOME. Like to have a modern distribution with rollign releases and the Conary package manager. Right now they would have to start from scratch. But if one shares some common good its more likely that Foresight gets more users, more bug reports, more developers,etc. and so by that Foresight GNOME will gain some benefits also and GNOME devs can focus on the real GNOME work and dont have to do all. I think one should just watch how things are going. If KDE version is released it should be propagated through the KDE channels so that people get to know this news and test Foresight.
    I am somebody who likes GNOME much more and cant use KDE really, although I tried. But I think we cant ignore people who have other priorities, just like people use different music players. KDE is a desktop but somehow only just another flavour for Linux.

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