GNOME Booth at SCALE, help needed!

We have been on the hunt for a volunteer to head up a GNOME booth at the Southern California Linux Expo in February, but no luck yet, which is very disappointing. I would really hate for GNOME to miss the opportunity to participate in SCALE. I will be at SCALE myself, working the Foresight booth and giving a GNOME talk.

The great guys running SCALE have been holding a spot for GNOME, which I really appreciate. Is there anyone in California (or willing/able to travel to LA) who can take the lead on this? Or even just help out? Surely there must be someone in southern California who loves GNOME that would be willing to hang out and talk to folks for a couple days, it really is fun. Any takers, please let me know.

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  1. timothylord says:


    I’m willing (eager, even!), but don’t have any extra money to fly there from Philadelphia 😉 I had a great time setting up the (then-called) OSDN booth at LWCE in 2000, but then (then-called) VA Linux was able to foot the east-coast-west-coast ticket for me. If you have a rich uncle, drop a line!


    Tim Lord

  2. jeff says:

    Ken, I live in Los Angeles ~30 minutes from LAX where SCALE is at… I am a longtime gnome supporter / user and would LOVE to help out in the gnome booth.

    If you want, I could even bring my Ubuntu laptop with all of the shiny compiz-fusion to showcase gnome and a modern open source desktop.


  3. ken says:

    Jeff, great please drop me an email ken AT vandine DOT org

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