Packaging classes coming soon!

Want to learn to package software?  We are planning to start a series of IRC based training sessions on the basics of packaging with conary.  We will begin with the basics, covering just creating local packages and building them locally for your system.  Then next in the series will be slightly more advanced, and will cover setting up your own project on rBuilder, and building packages for others to use with rBuild.

There will be some information sent out to review prior to the class and we will assume attendees are running Foresight Linux either natively or in a virtual machine.  The format will be rather informal, for a strong focus on mentoring in a very hands on environment.  We will begin with creating a package in a web based editor that everyone can follow along with.  Then move on to creating packages from scratch and having mentors available to guide new packagers

I hope to continue both of these on a re-occurring basis for new packagers and for continued practice.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

We have put together a survey, to help gauge interest and scheduling.  Please fill this out, and let us know if you are already familiar with conary packaging and willing to mentor.

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