New Shuttle SFF box linux exclusive

Shuttle computers just announced the availability of their latest small form factor box, the x2700.   Weighing in at a mere 4.5lbs and measuring just 7.3″ wide and 2.8″ tall, it is available exclusively with Foresight Linux.  That’s right, our friends over at Shuttle are very Linux friendly, and they continue to prove that.

The x2700 is available with your choice of the GNOME or the new Kid’s editions of Foresight.

Not only is the x2700 nice and small, it is also quite energy efficient featuring the new Intel Atom processor.

(L)9.8 X (W)7.3 X (H)2.8 Inches

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Foresight Kid’s edition

Foresight Kid’s edition is now available for your kid’s enjoyment.  I know my 5 year old has absolutely loved it.

The Kid’s Edition is  for children featuring a number of education and entertainment applications,  a customized GNOME desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up to date software applications.

The Foresight Kid’s Edition features the following applications:


  • Tuxpaint, an award winning drawing program for children ages 3-12.
  • Tux Typing, and educational typing tutor for children.
  • GCompris, an educational software suit that includes many different activities for children ages 2 to 10.
  • Tux, of Math Command, an education arcade game starring Tux based on the class game “Missile Command”.

Entertainment and Games

  • SuperTux, a classic 2D jump ‘n run sidescroller with a similar style to the original SuperMario games.
  • SuperTuxKart, a 3D kart racing game featuring numerous tracks, characters and items.
  • Foobilliard, a 3D billiards / pool game.
  • GNU Chess, a chess game.
  • Super Maryo Chronicles, a 2D side scroller game featuring many different stages and levels..

Read more about it.

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Ubuntu, meet rBuilder

I’ll bet that sounds confusing! Well it’s true, the base Ubuntu server platform is now available for building application images on rBuilder Online. What does this really mean? The addition of the Ubuntu platform will allow the rBuilder community to build application images based on either rPath Linux or Ubuntu server. The rPath Appliance Platform Agent is also included in the Ubuntu platform.

With this addition, the Appliance Creator has been updated to import debian packages, just like you could already import rpm, tar, and zip binary archives.

To use the Ubuntu platform, you have to either edit an existing product version or create a new one.  There is a drop down for selecting platform:

rBuilder Online is beta, and rPath’s imported Ubuntu platform is currently alpha. Please use them both and help us improve by filing bug reports.

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Foresight Mobile USB installer

By popular demand, I have published a usb installer image for the Foresight Mobile edition.  To use this image, you will need to extract it and transfer the image over to your usb stick (1G or larger)


sha1sum     74bb014c98d1c0fd832456f5062fbdcfec2d8075

To transfer this image over to the usb stick:

bunzip2 foresight-mobile-1.0-x86.img.bz2
sudo dd if=foresight-mobile-1.0-x86.img of=/dev/sdb
Substitute sdb for your usb device.

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Because your netbook should be cool.

I am very excited to announce the first release of Foresight Mobile, specifically designed for the new class of netbook computers such as the ASUS Eee PC, Intel Classmate, and Dell E netbook and features a customized desktop optimized for smaller screens.

I have to give a big shout out to the great folks at Canonical for their work on the netbook remix project, which is used for the user interface in Foresight Mobile.

For more information and download links, please visit the Foresight Mobile Edition webpage at or you can read the release notes at

Because your netbook should be cool.

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Hot deals during Linux World

Celebrating Linux World Expo, Shuttle is offering a 10% off discount on all KPC systems that have Foresight Linux pre-installed. Please visit the Shuttle site and enter LINUXW2008 to participate in this promotion.  This promotion is good through August 21st.

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Software Freedom Conservancy

I am very proud to announce that Foresight is now a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy.  This is very exciting, we really love what the conservancy is all about and are in great company, and of course now we can accept donations.  You can read the full announcement here and if you want to donate to the Foresight project, you can now find a Google Checkout donation form our the Foresight website.

Shamless donation request below :)

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Just one little lonely CD

We’ve been wanting to get a single CD version of Foresight for quite a while.  It is certainly also in the top 5 requests I have had, so… now we have one!  Foresight Linux 2.0.4 was released today including a GNOME Lite edition that fits on a single CD.

Next up, single liveCD installer :)  Any volunteers?  /me is looking at Elliot

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Cool feature I bet many people haven’t used

Conary packaging is easy, but there are times where you hit some harder things and you really need to hit the docs.  There are plenty of docs now on conary, and a few clicks in a web browser generally can get you what you need.  However, there is a very cool command line interface to the packaging docs call “cvc explain”.  I keep running into people that haven’t seen it, so lets get the word out!

You can run “cvc explain [method]” to get the documentation for that method.  Here is an example:

$ cvc explain DanglingSymlinks
Conary API Documentation: PackageRecipe.DanglingSymlinks


r.DanglingSymlinks() – Disallow dangling symbolic links


r.DanglingSymlinks([filterexp] || [exceptions=filterexp)


The r.DanglingSymlinks() policy enforces the absence of dangling
symbolic links; that is, symbolic links pointing to targets which no
longer exist.

If you know that a dangling symbolic link created by your package
is fulfilled by another package on which your package depends,
you may set up an exception for that file.



The %(htconfdir)s/run file is a symlink that is intentionally
left dangling within this package, because we know that it will
be satisfied by runtime dependencies at installation time.

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Welcome Kaden William VanDine

I can’t believe it has been over 2 weeks since his birth without a blog post.  I blame twitter :)

On July 2, 2008 we had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.   Kaden William, weighing in at 8lbs 12ozs and a whopping 22 inches long.

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