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Even if we don’t blog too much about gedit or gtksourceview, we indeed make some pretty cool things for it. This time I’m going to write about the latest things that we added.

devhelp completion

  • First of all I’d like to point out gtksourcecompletion, the framework that it was added to gtksourceview to provide some completion features. As you can see in the screenshot above, there we have a plugin using the devhelp api. We also have a plugin in gedit-plugins to provide words completion (completion from the words you already written in the opened files). And for that php lovers we have a completion plugin for it.
  • Apart from completion features, jesse added a really cool plugin in gedit-plugins to provide multi editing features. Here you can see a screencast that he made. And a link to his blog post about this feature.
  • In the win32 world I finally managed to make python work, the main problem is still pygtk, for some reason the pygtk in the gnome ftp is missing several symbols that I need to make work most plugins, so until we have a working pygtk I can’t really make anything about that. I’ve been investigating about this issue and it seems that right now pycairo is blocking people to be able to build it in visual studio. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  • Apart from this, say that we are working in a bunch of things that makes and will make gedit and gtksourceview rock on!! like always.
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39 Responses to News on gedit/gtksourceview

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  2. alex says:

    will new release be faster then previous.
    Its impossible to scroll big highlited text file in gedit.
    Window is flickering. Completly weird behavoir.

  3. Richard says:

    I eagrely anticipate the symbol completion via devhelp.

    Now all that gedit needs is to be able to open multiple views of the same file, like emacs 😀

  4. anonymous says:

    How about primitive simple features, for example ‘block selection’?

    I use gedit a lot and really like it, but for block selection I must start gvim.

    And ‘code folding’ would be useful too. But ok, this is nice to have like autocomplete and not a standard feature like block selection.

  5. khiraly says:

    I wanted to do a dead simple thing with gedit:
    replacing unix line endings (\n) with windows line endings(\r\n).

    However I was *UNABLE* to determine from a file (in gedit) in which lineendings it has.

    Such a big failure.

    The other one, is a nonexistent encoding support…

  6. pvanhoof says:

    When will Anjuta have support for all these new features? Any Anjuta guys around?

  7. jessevdk says:

    @anonymous: block selection is available in the new multi edit plugin

    @khiraly: such negativity. Encoding support is by no means nonexistent (don’t know where you get that from). We are currently implementing line ending conversion support.

    @pvanhoof: jhs just finished porting anjuta to gtksourcecompletion, so it should be available

  8. nacho says:

    @Richard: about multiviews we have something done for 3.0

  9. Bart says:

    These features sounds great! What about a fix for working on servers via CIFS: ?
    @Richard Multiview plugins are availble at the gEdit Plugins Page:

  10. khiraly says:

    > @khiraly: such negativity.
    > Encoding support is by no means
    > nonexistent (don’t know where
    > you get that from). We are
    > currently implementing line
    > ending conversion support.

    Sorry for being rude. I just wrote the above comment after 1-2 hours of frustration (hunting for plugins, etc).
    Would be nice for having in the statistics the number of ‘\r’ character and the number of ‘\n’ character.
    Also on the statusbar there are space to write the lineendings:
    lineendings: WIN/UNIX/MAC

    You cant view a file which contains characters outside of the encoding range. You can get files like this nearly from anywhere: mysql dump, .csv file where the limiting char is a byte which is outside of encoding. Or you want only open a file to see what is inside (a .png file can be recognized by human easily from the first 4 char, the same is true for nearly every binary file)

    Also the other big limitation if you get a file with mixed encodings. Like latin2 with utf8. So you have bytes which represent an accented letters (only one byte long, latin2) and also accented letters which are 2 bytes long(utf-8).

    In that case, gedit should warn about mixed encodings, and represent all chars, and for example accented letters which are from other encodings should have a red background or something like this.

    Currently it simply refuse to open it, and you cant fix the file by yourself. You need to open it in vim, or some usable editor.

    Sorry for being harsh, but gedit is around 8 years already, and it lacks the most basic features.

    And I didnt even talk about hey editor features.

    Yes I know these examples are valid mostly for power users, but lineendings is such a basic feature, that if you have a film with a subtitle and you want to play in a divx player, you are likely to want fix the lineendings (to accept the standalone divx player).

    Just my 2 cents.


  11. nacho says:

    @khiraly: about encoding, with the new gconverter thingie added to gio we are going to be able to manage this is a better way. About line endings, we already have the converter made for that, so we just need to create the interface to manage it, so probably for the next major release we are going to have it done.

  12. A python (pydoc?) completion plugin perhaps? 😉

  13. nacho says:

    @Patryk: you could use the devhelp plugin for it, but it would be useful only for static functions, also anyway could make it.

  14. anonymous says:

    It would also be possible to use a similar method to Netbean’s Python framework:

    scan the source for any mention of methods executed on an object, and assume all similar derived objects have those same methods.

    Also…I hate to ask the stupid questions, but what theme is that? It’s not Dust, and it’s not Shiki, and it’s not Humanity. It’s like some strange hybrid of all three.

  15. nacho says:

    @anonymous: sure it is possible the thing is get someone to make it. About the theme, I’m using “New Wave”, it comes with ubuntu.

  16. pete says:

    I really like gedit, but I miss support for profiles.

  17. What version of gtksourceview do I need to get the completion? The README file in the php plugin says I need >= 2.8, but it doesn’t work for me.

  18. Nelson says:


    But it would be better to implement block selection at GtkTextView layer. Bug is

  19. nacho says:

    @Søren Hauberg: You need >= 2.9.1

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  22. Fabian says:


    your work is highly appreciated, but what’s IMHO *really* missing in Gedit is *code folding*. That’s still the only reason I have to switch to geanny from time to time.

  23. oliver says:

    In the screenshot, how did you get the tabs and spaces displayed as arrows and dots? Is that a plugin?

  24. devolute says:

    Is a similar sort of thing possible for CSS? It’d help us web dev idiots.

  25. nacho says:

    @oliver: yes it is the drawspaces plugin in gedit-plugins

    @devolute: not for now, maybe someone will make it.

    @Fabian: code folding it is in the todo list, but it is something really tricky to make so we focus in things more important for now.

  26. Dante says:

    Does this mean that PHP code completion will be available in the next Gedit release?

  27. nacho says:

    @Dante: nop, it means that you can download the plugin and use it.

  28. Dante says:

    @nacho: is there an easy way to install this. I’ve been trying and I get the error: “AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘CompletionProposal'”

  29. nacho says:

    @Dante: the completion works against the last version of gtksourceview, so you would have to install gtksourceview and pygtksourceview >= 2.9.x

  30. Dante says:

    nacho, thanks for helping me out i’ve installed gtksourceview through

    But i can’t find python-gtksourceview in launchpad. am I looking at the wrong place?

  31. nacho says:

    @Dante: well not really sure but the package should be python-gtksourceview2

  32. Dante says:

    @nacho: hmm still 2.8.x in launchpad for lucid i suppose you guys do this otherwise

  33. Dante says:

    @nacho: can i find a package for compiling python-gtksourceview2 >= 2.9.x

  34. nacho says:

    @Dante: no idea really, I usually have built gedit and gtksourceview from sources.

  35. Dante says:

    @nacho: Ok i’ll give it a try one day. Anyway nice work! If I don’t get to test it soon I will later :).

  36. Dante says:

    @nacho: i’ve managed to get it working by upgrading to lucid. just to say very nice work!

  37. yuri says:

    where I download the plugin ????

  38. yo says:

    I copy the plugin gedit-php-completion and I can’t use it from gedit because no appears in Edit / Preferences / Plugins,

    If I could say why this happens?

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