Finally python plugins on windows

Thanks to the great work from John Stowers we finally have updated packages of pygtk, pygobject and pycairo.

So these days we’ve been working a bit on having python plugins working on gedit, and of course we made it!!

You can download the installer from here.

Please test it and let us know which problems you find by commenting here or in the next bug:

PS: The “External tools” plugin as you can imagin doesn’t work on windows.

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6 Responses to Finally python plugins on windows

  1. jrs says:

    It’d be great to have some form of standard update mechanism now that there’s a few apps being ported to Windows (gedit, evince and the older ones like gimp and pidgin).

    Could PackageKit ever work on Windows, maybe using MSI packages?

    • nacho says:

      Well no idea if it would work PackageKit on windows, right now we have our own plugin that takes care of checking if there is new version on gedit for windows and mac osx. Probably something more standard would be awesome.

  2. Thommie says:

    There are other linux inspired packaging tools for windows, maybe they could be used.

  3. Thank you! I use gedit on windows every day at work!

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  5. lainme says:

    External Tools is very important when programming. Hoping this plugin can be used in windows somedays!

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